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Monstroid Theme Review - Best Wordpress Themes 2015?

monstroid theme review best wordpress themes for business monstroid wordpress theme
Dec 04 2015

Monstroid Theme Review – Best WordPress Themes 2015?

Monstroid Theme Review – Best WordPress Themes for Business Use

If you own a small business or looking for a clean, professional WordPress theme, the Monstroid monstroid theme review best wordpress themes for business monstroid wordpress themeWordPress theme is certainly worth a close look.  This Monstroid Theme review will illustrate why I feel the Monstroid theme package from TemplateMonster offers some of the best WordPress themes for a business that are available in 2015 and beyond.

In this Monstroid theme review, it’s important to note that the Monstroid WordPress theme isn’t just one theme.  The Monstroid WordPress theme package currently offers 38 uniquely designed templates for a variety of niches such as restaurants, financial advisors, best wordpress themes for business best business wordpress themesattorneys, day cares, salons, and many more as you’ll see in the video down below.

The Monstroid theme is one of the best WordPress themes to ever be introduced to the business community, period.

What Makes the Monstroid Theme One of the Best WordPress Themes for Business?

I’ve designed hundreds of websites, and design websites for small business owners regularly. I understand Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, and how to get websites to perform well for monstroid-child-themesmy clients.  The Monstroid WordPress templates offer so many features, and impressive designs that you simply can’t find anywhere else in the WordPress community.  I’ve listed some of my favorite features of the Monstroid theme down below, and why I think it’s (without a doubt) one of the best WordPress themes for websites available today.

  • Clean HTML Code within WordPress – There are many developers that have created beautiful looking WordPress themes, but having clean code helps in so many ways in regards to better rankings in the search engines, loading quickly for a better customer experience, and also eliminating bugs that can disrupt your website functionality.  The Cherry Framework offers tremendous flexibility with plugins for functionality, and is well known for having some monstroid wordpress theme review monstroid themes templatemonsterof the cleanest code among today’s WordPress theme developers.
  • Functionality and WordPress Plugins for Business Use – A business website needs to be unique in order to stand out amongst their competitors.  Furthermore, developing a WordPress theme for a business requires more functionality than what you’d find on a personal blog.  The Cherry Framework offers multiple plugins that run cleanly on one platform, while creating effective user engagement such as call to action buttons, social media integration, shortcodes for customization and many more features preloaded with all of the Monstroid WordPress themes.


  • Attractive, Modern WordPress Themes for Multiple Business Types – As I mentioned earlier, the Monstroid theme comes with 38 different designs to choose from to install.  Most business WordPress themes have either one specific design, or they all monstroid wordpress themes for small businesseshave a similar look and feel for one niche from most theme developers.  Wow…the Monstroid theme package has some of the best looking themes I’ve ever seen.  That are that impressive, so these templates give you a great head-start for your business website immediately.  There’s no such thing as a cut and paste solution for a business website, but the Monstroid themes come with beautiful graphics for your niche included, and an overall design in which looks great out of the box.  You’ll need customization of course for your logo or color scheme, and all of that is possible with any of the themes in the package.  TemplateMonster is adding new themes monthly as part of the Monstroid theme package as a customer, so in the future if you decide you want to change the look of your website you can simply migrate to one of their other designs.  They are simply incredible looking templates that rival most custom sites you can buy, and they’ll save you thousands potentially in expenses on website design.
  • Motopress Page Editor for WordPress – I typically don’t recommend business owners attempt to design, and development their own website.  The SEO principles, design strategy,
    and overall functionality for optimum performance is
    something I’d recommend hiring a professional for on the front end.  However, once the website is established (or if you’re pretty handy with WordPress) the Motopress Page editor is extremely user friendly motopress-page-editorto create attractive layouts on a website.  It’s a drag and drop page editor that allows you to design as close to front end mode as I’ve seen yet.  (You can see what you’re actually creating on the page in real-time unlike most page editors)  You can create instantly columns, change background colors, parallax functionality on images, icons, lists, tabs, accordions, video boxes, call to action buttons and much more using Motopress for editing pages AND blog posts.  (Also somewhat unique to WordPress)  Having the ability to design on the fly, and see what you’re creating, saves an incredible amount of time when it comes to web design.  For this reason alone, I’ve fallen in love with the Motopress page editor combination with the Cherry Framework.  It’s truly revolutionary in my opinion.
  • Customer Support from TemplateMonster 24/7 – One of the biggest reasons why more people should consider choosing Monstroid themes for the business websites is the support you get from TemplateMonster.  Whether you’re a web designer or business owner, you’ll template monster customer support best wordpress themes for businesses and developersappreciate being about to call (yes call), email or chat instantly with TemplateMonster to help with design, installation, functionality or issues that may arise with your website.  I honestly don’t know of another company other than Shopify, which I recommend for Ecommerce sites, that offers this kind of customer service for WordPress themes.  It’s usually developers overseas, or small shops that make WordPress themes then never support them after the fact.  TemplateMonster is my personal choice for shopping for any kind of web application.  I’m extremely impressed with their level of customer service.

Monstroid Theme Review Conclusion – Should You Choose the Monstroid Theme for Your Business?

I personally use the Monstroid themes whenever possible for my clients because I know they’re going to get a great end product.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars on theme clubs and templates.  Many times I never used what I bought because there was no support, the themes broke my site or monstroid theme reviewgot hacked, loaded slowly because of improper coding, or I discovered that theme lock (inability to make seamless design changes in the future) was a possibility from another editor.

The Cherry Framework allows you to change designs easily due to their coding structure, and I’ve never had a bad experience with one of these templates.  I’m just completely impressed with the designs they offer, and the less time I spend designing or fixing code, the less my clients have to spend.  The Monstroid themes create a win win scenario for designers and small business owners.  One last note to mention is that the Moto CMS WordPress theme series is being rolled out by TemplateMonster that offers even more creativity, and speed of implementation for business websites.  Utilizing the Cherry Framework, these sites offer the same functionality as the Monstroid themes, and the designs I’ve seen are stunning.

Get Monstroid Installed and a Great Business Website

So if you’ve been looking for the best WordPress themes to use for your small business website, or to use as a web designer, I highly recommend using the Monstroid theme package.  You can purchase one license for $79 with deep discounts for a developers license to use for multiple clients.  It’s a little more than most WordPress themes, but I hope this Monstroid theme review sheds some light on why I’m completely sold on their WordPress themes versus their competition.  TemplateMonster and Monstroid nailed it with this offering…

As mentioned, we offer complete web design and development for small businesses, and do so at an affordable rate.  We offer a WordPress design package for up to 5 pages for $999 that includes your Monstriod-WordPress-Theme-Reviewchoice of the Monstroid themes, installation on our hosting providers or yours, written content, customization for your logo and color scheme, social media integration with your networks, contact form set up, and optimize them for maximum exposure in the leading search engines.  We also offer Ecommerce sites, video production, loyalty programs and other highly effective digital marketing solutions for small businesses on a budget.

We’d love to discuss your business goals with you, so feel free to contact us with any questions about your specific marketing project.  We’re passionate about helping small business owners succeed online or offline, and our solutions flat out work at a budget you can afford.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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