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Virtual Tours – Video Commercials for Small Business (How We Differ)

video commercial for small business,virtual tours for a small business,small business marketing videoMaking a video commercial for a small business is easy enough in that there are many videographers in Birmingham AL I compete with or in your city.  Google even has a virtual tour department that films your business and posts it on your Google Plus page.

The challenge, however, is whether or not that video will be seen or found online for laser targeted customers looking for your exact type of business.  This is where 360 Business Reviews really shines.

For example, pause this page, open a new tab,go to Google and type in the keyword “Open a Cell Phone Store”.  You’ll notice there are 200,000,000 million search results and my video is Number 1!  It even has a picture of the video which stands out above all the other listings.

Now imagine your business video commercial being on the front page of Google in your local market or even National market every time a customer was looking for your type of business.

How Do We Market a Youtube Video Commercial for a Small Business?

Well we can’t tell you everything, but we can tell you is that there is a science for getting noticed online.  If you’re coachable, we can definitely get you results and FAST!  No hype, no Games and we’ll do it for less than just about anyone.  Here’s a brief synopsis of what 360 Business Reviews Does to help make sure your video production and local SEO is a successful project.

  1. We either film your video on location with one of our Video SEO Experts Nationwide (We’re Looking for New Partners FYI) or Use Your Footage if we’re making a interview or “live” style commercial.  We’ll professionally edit the video and post it to Youtube, Vimeo & DailyMotion.
  2. We can make animated videos using just pictures of your business or animated  videos as you’ll see in samples down below using sketch characters, whiteboard doodles, etc.  (We can make your project happen if you’re picking up what I’m puttin’ down)
  3. We do an in-depth review of your business and post it to this site 360Businessreviews.com or if a restaurant we also post to 360Restaurantreviews.com or 360Thingstodo.com among others.  (This creates links to your video which is critical)  This will also help you get ranked and found as a featured member of our site network.
  4. We help you post or embed your Video commercial to your website which is critical.  This will increase conversions (sales) by 64% or more depending on the business.  Google owns Youtube and wants to rank a site with a video.  A video will outsell text everytime and the average user will spend 2 minutes longer on your site if you have a video posted.
  5. We run a comprehensive report on where you are weak with Search Engine Optimization and make suggestions on how to improve your SEO locally and nationally if you’re interested in selling online on a larger scale.
  6. We then focus on posting your video and website to 30-100 large authoritative websites such as Yelp, Foursquare, Google, YP.com, Superpages, Google Plus, Yahoo Local, etc.
  7. We post your video to over 30 of our Social Media networks as well and this helps your video get more views.

Collectively, this process works every single time without exception.  If we want to rank for a keyword, and a client is willing to pay us for our time to make it happen, it will.  Furthermore, just having your video in 50+ locations will help it get seen more often, get more views and more views means better rankings long term.

We offer other services obviously, but Video Search Engine Optimization is our specialty.  We get videos ranked.  Period!

Video Commercial for Small Businesses – Samples for Live Business Reviews

Video Commercial Review for a Cabin, Condo, Hotel or Rental Property using Live Video & Review

Video Commercial for a Restaurant Using Similar Style

Video Commercial for Pizza Restaurant using Voiceover and Multiple Video Edits

Video Virtual Tour for Attractions – Zip Line and Ropes Course Point of Video & Interview using drone footage.

Animated Video Using Whiteboard or Doodle Drawing Style with Voiceover

Whiteboard Animated Video with Images and Voiceover

Video Commercial for a Used Car Dealership in Birmingham AL Interview Style

Video Commercial for a Retail Shop that Sells Kayaks, Chacos, Outdoor Equipment (Pretty Cool Video with Kayak Footage)

Video Commercial for Mast General Store in NC Using Only Pictures (These can be done for $99 and anywhere in the country with pictures)

For more information, please contact us for more information on creating a beautiful, yet effective, video commercial for your small business today.  Don’t wait.  Seriously.

Not having a video and implementing the things we mentioned above is costing you money or, at best, not allowing your business to be as profitable as it can be.

Call us today at (205) 390-0005 to get started.  We also have other video experts throughout the country and we’re looking for freelance partners throughout the country to use our platform to help small businesses everywhere get more business.  We’ll do our best to connect you with a local vendor to help you with your small business video commercial project.

360 Business Reviews will get Your Business, Everywhere, All the Time!




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