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Tempo Wireless Review- Save on Mobile Bills & Earn Income

tempo wireless review
Oct 18 2014

Tempo Wireless Review- Save on Mobile Bills & Earn Income

Tempo Wireless Review – Lightyear Wireless Changes Name to Tempo Wireless tempo-wirelessLast weekend in Vegas Lightyear Wireless officially changed their name to operate as Tempo Wireless.  What’s different now?

A lot..

You’ll want to pay close attention to this Tempo Wireless review as it will explain why I feel Tempo Wireless is about to make some noise in the home based business industry and turn some heads in the mobile phone industry as well.

Tempo Wireless Review – Background and Ownership

Tempo Wireless was formally known as Lightyear Wireless based out of Louisville, KY.  They were acquired by Birch Communications, a large telecommunications company with multiple divisions, last year along with the telecom company Lightyear that sold VoIP and internet service products.

Lightyear began marketing telecommunication services in the late 1990’s and Lightyear Wireless formed around the year 2000.  Birch Communications formed in 1996 as a competitive local exchange carrier.  (CLEC)   They’ve serviced hundreds of thousands of customer across the US, acquired multiple telecom companies in the past few years, so I think that speaks to their credibility and viability in this volatile economy.

Tempo Wireless Review – Tempo Wireless Rates & Carriers

tempo wireless review,tempo wireless rate plans,best prepaid rate plansTempo Wireless offers a few telecommunication services such as T-Mobile prepaid wireless, Sprint CDMA Network Prepaid service as well as offer Verizon roaming on their Sprint product for only $20 extra. (rare for prepaid)  In some markets they will offer Verizon for those that simply want Verizon’s Nationwide network but only at 3G.

They offer the Lifeline free phone program offered by the US Government for those who qualify for it.  Tempo Wireless also has home phone service if you need a landline for kids or to use for home or business applications.

The Tempo Wireless Prepaid Rate Plans are as follows on the T-Mobile or Sprint Network (Choose Based on Coverage):

  • $59.99 Per Month for Unlimited Talk, Text & 4G LTE Data – NO Caps on High Speed (LTE is Blazing Fast. Use it All Month!) Includes all  Features and $5 Worth of International Calls Included  ($20 Monthly Add-on for Verizon Roaming on Sprint Network)
  • $39.99 for a Family Plan on lines 2-5 with Same Unlimited Plan (Best Deal Out There. Period)
  • $20 for 200 Minutes of Cellular Service, $34.99 for 700 Minutes, 700 Texts
  • Lifeline Mobile is Completely Free for Either 150 Minutes & Texts, or 250 Minutes w Free Phone (Must Qualify for Plan)
  • Tempo Wireless Connect is a Home Phone Service for $29.99 Monthly – Unlimited Calling Nation

Tempo Wireless Review – Phones and Incentivestempo wireless phones,blu phones

Tempo Wireless has the best prices on phones that I’ve seen in the marketplace.  I’ve been a dealer for 20 years and can tell you they sell Blu Phones for new users for less than I can buy them wholesale.  The Blu 5.0 Studio C is a 5″ Screen Smart Phone with decent specs that we sell for $180, and the Blu Studio 5.0 LTE that offers the faster speeds we sell for $260 . Tempo Wireless sells them for $99 and $170 respectively.

They also currently giving a free Blu Dash Jr Phone for all new customers on the T-Mobile Network which is great.

Tempo Wireless also offers Sprint Phones at great prices.  They give a free LG Viper (4″ Screen, HD Camera, Nice Phone) for all

Free Dash Jr Phone for New Customers

Free Dash Jr Phone for New Customers

new customers on the Sprint Network.  They sell the LG Optimus for $99 and the Galaxy S III Currently for $199 which are great deales on prepaid phones.

When you enroll with Tempo Wireless, you simply pay your first months bill and activation to get started as a customer or a representative.  The second month is free for all new customers currently which is a great deal.


Tempo Wireless Free Referral Program & Compensation Plan

The Tempo Wireless compensation plan is basically a uni-level plan for it’s representatives though you can place people in your

join tempo wireless,tempo wireless review

3 Referrals = Free Bill


network with full coding bonuses and residuals.

For customers, if they refer just 3 Customers at their current plan their service is completely free!

The Tempo Wireless Compensation Plan offers 3 Ways to Get Paid:

  1. Immediate Bonus Income on Customer Acquisition – Earn $13-25 Per New Customer (Overrides on Team)
  2. Monthly Residual Income – Up to 10% on Personal Customers, 1-4% on Entire Team Customers thru 8 Levels
  3. Leadership Incentives to Help Your Team – Help Your Team Grow and Get Paid for Rank Advancements

Whatever your financial goals are, Tempo Wireless has a simple, easy to follow compensation plan to help you earn the income to help you achieve those goals.

Without getting hurt in the process!  Save money on your cell phone bill with Tempo Wireless from day one.  Refer 3 people at your current rate plan or higher and your bill is now free.

Tempo Wireless Review – Conclusion

Tempo Wireless offers a completely free, no-risk income opportunity with no gotchas or gimmicks. The problem with most network marketing companies is that they charge you to join their program.

It’s a fact that 87% of all network marketing representatives that pay $300+ to join a network marketing company never make their money back.

Is an 87% failure rate really promoting financial freedom or hurting more people than they help?  If you’re tired of broken

tempo wireless review

Join Tempo Wireless – Click Here

promises, companies that change comp plans like the weather, or tired of paying too much for your mobile phone service, Tempo Wireless offers you the opportunity to get a great deal on your cell phone rates and make some extra income by referring a few people to them.

I’m putting together a Nationwide Directory for Prepaid Dealers that will help representatives get local leads and exposure nationally for gathering new customers and reps.  You can join Tempo Wireless for free at PrepaidPhoneBiz.com or contact me for more information.

“Paying to Play” in MLM is tired and broken.

I hope you gather from this Tempo Wireless Review that they clearly get that.  I’m more than happy to help you start saving or earning immediately.  Thanks for stopping by!

Be Blessed,


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