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Spoton Digital Loyalty Program

Digital Loyalty Programs – Customer Rewards Program

digital loyalty programs,customer rewards program,spoton customer rewardsHave you ever noticed that when you travel on a plane that no matter what the weather is like on the ground when you take off, rain, sleet or snow, as soon as you break through the clouds…it’s always beautiful and sunny?

In today’s economic climate, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have Your own “break through” that would get your business or personal finances back on track?

Imagine your excitement that your business is profitable again if it’s struggling, or its more profitable than ever, all because you had one of those rare aha moments?

Digital loyalty programs, for most small retail businesses, offer the opportunity to change the direction of struggling businesses, or greatly increase the profits of those that are already doing well.


Because it allows small businesses to capitalize on what Google, Best Buy, Panera Bread and every successful retail chain in America has already figured out.

Digital Loyalty Programs Help Small Businesses Gather Customer Data

Customer Data Aquisition = Increased Salesdigital-loyalty-programs-spoton-customer-rewards

Why does Google host free videos on YouTube with a free email account on Gmail?

To sell customized advertising based on your browsing behavior.

It’s the same with best buy, Starbucks and Panera bread in that once they have your information, they now have your permission to market their products to you.

So here’s a simple question for you…what’s your strategy to collect consumer data, track measurable sales results based on buying behavior and roll out new specials,events or product offerings?

If you’re like most small businesses that plan doesn’t exist.


Because creating your own digital loyalty program with qr coded cards, mobile apps and scanners are expensive right?

You’ll just get a punch card and a fish bowl to collect emails right?

Not so fast my tree killing friend!

There’s a new digital loyalty program for customer rewards in your hometown…

And it goes by the name of “Spoton”

Spoton Digital Loyalty Program for Customer Rewards

Spoton uses one card, one mobile app for over 6000 businesses and 2 million users in the US.

So instead of YOU having to spend millions of dollars to create the app, buy the tablet that runs the program, purchase ANOTHER plastic card with QR codes to track customer behavior and manage the customer rewards program, Spoton decided to do that for you!

Isn’t that just too cool?

And if you’ve got 20 bucks, spoton will send you a Samsung Galaxy tablet and 100 cards to hand out to your clients or a free app to give away to those techie people that are already “picking up what you’re puttin down”

Completely Risk free for 30 days and as low as $60 a month for unlimited usage after that.

spoton digital loyalty program,spoton customer rewards,spoton vs belly

Join Spoton Today!

Why Would Spoton Do This?

Because they know that you don’t know what you don’t know…yet…

And that is there are over 6000 businesses and 2 million people in the US that are loving Spoton for their preferred customer loyalty program.

So stop killing trees with those punch cards!   Fish belong in fish bowls, not email addresses.

Call us today at 2053900005 to get started with Spoton by Joining the Spoton Digital Loyalty Program Here.  If your business is ready for some blue sky again,  it’s worth having a conversation with us here at 360 Business Reviews.

This IS the break through you’ve been looking for.  The trees, the fish, and your customer will be happy you called.

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