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At first glance, you’ll notice that our website is a directory listing for small businesses.  While that’s true, our focus is primarily help small businesses get more business and make more profit.  The video below explains the t0p six small business marketing tips that we offer for helping any business improve their presence online as well as with offline sales.

Top 6 Small Business Marketing Tips & Our Primary Marketing Services

  1. Work on Company Branding, Logo and Marketing Materials – Many small businesses today don’t have a good company logo with any thought behind it.  It’s actually very inexpensive to do and we do most logos for around $100.  Company branding is more than just a logo however, and marketing materials consist of things like flyers, business card layout, invoices and company jingles on your small business phone system even matters in our opinion.
  2. Get a Good Website Not an Ugly One – Small businesses usually miss the mark here.  If they don’t understand how important a small business marketing,yest local directories,yext power listingswebsite is in today’s economy, they probably won’t be in business very long.  Today’s consumer is social and relies on social sites like Yelp, Foursquare, Google Plus and more to get reviews on businesses before they go there.  That said, it’s very important to have a professional website that performs well when a client lands there.  We’ll design most websites for around $299-399 and we can also build a professional e-commerce website for selling online.
  3. Make a Small Business Video Commercial or Virtual Tour for Your Business – This seems like a complicated drawn out process but it’s actually quite simple.  We our professional video editors and will help you take your raw footage (even if you live out of state) and help you make a nice video commercial you can be proud of.  Google owns Youtube and WANTS to rank a website that has a video on it.  Don’t miss the critical component that most small businesses neglect doing.
  4. Submit Your Site to All the Local Directories – One of the best values out there is to use Yext to get this done and they give you power listings at over 50 locations.   It’s very important to use your video, logo and pictures when posting your listings, and we’ll help you get all the above accomplished.  You can also use UBL, or Moz.com/local to get this done for less money.  However, the is very inexpensive advertising that can pay huge dividends when done properly.
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    Build Your Own Customer Loyalty Program – A customer rewards program is THE best way to improve sales in a retail location and fast.  Why?  Because you can follow up post sale and send specials or coupons to customers.  You can track habits, usage and send email marketing campaigns that will help you engage your audience when you need them.  Also, you can gain extremely valuable reviews on Yelp and get more facebook likes by having a digital loyalty program.  A punch card cannot do this for you!  Punt the punch card and get connected with either Spoton or Belly today!  It’s that important for your retail location.

  6. Join ITEX or a Barter Exchange Company in Your Local Market – What is ITEX?  ITEX is a 36 year old publicly traded tradingcompany that is a barter exchange for over 25K businesses in North America.  A barter exchange can help you get immediate business from new clients that wouldn’t know you existed without being a member.  The key thing to remember about Barter is that when it comes time to purchase goods and services from other businesses, you’re always buying at your wholesale price plus a small fee that ITEX charges to broker the transaction.  Call us today at (205) 390-0005 to sign up and sell nationally or locally for free.  We work with local restaurants for food for video commercials in most cases.

Our goal is to help each of our clients be more profitable.  We only work with a couple of companies in any given city in a certain niche in order to protect their results in working with us.  Search Engine Optimization is a science and we can help any company get more business online and offline.  We’ll guarantee it if you’ll follow our simple recipe for success.

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