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Should You Own Your Own Domain?

own your own domain name
Jan 25 2016

Should You Own Your Own Domain?

Should You Own Your Own Domain or Let Your Web Designer Register It for You?

Do You Own Your Own Domain or Does Your Web Host or Website Designer? The last three clients I’ve worked with had their domain registered by their designer. Not a good idea at all imo! Of these, one was hosted in Singapore (badshould-you-own-your-own-domain lag time), one was shut off for non-payment (see where I’m going with this?), and the other was on GoDaddy standard hosting. (Extremely slow)

Please…take ownership of your most valuable digital asset just in case you have problems with your host or site developer. One of these clients, a doctors office, was advised to change domains from a 7 year old .com address to the same in a .net!! I can’t begin to tell you how wrong this is, and how much damage it caused.

The Importance of Site Speed for Better Search Engine Rankings

His site is now hosted in Singapore with terrible load times because of the lag time from multiple hops to the server. Google and the other search engines place a pretty heavily weighted priority on page loading times for SEO rankings now, so it’s important to get fast website hosting.  They want their users to have a good experience, and if the page loads slowly, it will kill your rankings quickly…promise.

Shared Web Hosting Companies like GoDaddy, Host Gator, 1 and 1 and many of the other popular hosting companies are oversubscribed therefore, their loading times aren’t nearly as fast as some of the companies I listed on my best website hosting companies article I wrote recently.  My opinion has changed on that article to simply say that InMotion Hosting is fantastic to work with.

InMotion uses SSD (Solid State Drives) for the web hosting and this creates a much faster hosting environment than traditional hosting companies older server technology.

Why You Should Own Your Own Domain and Perils of Not Doing So

As I mentioned earlier, one of my clients sites was shut off for a couple of months because his web designer didn’ttransfer website domain from hosting company pay their hosting bill with GoDaddy.

His rankings, and his business sales, have plummeted as a result.  Google notices these inconsistencies and will penalize you severely for them.

Another danger of not owning your own domain is that if you ever want to transfer hosting companies, or hire another Local SEO Firm, the registrar of the domain doesn’t have to give you the ownership back.  Not saying it’s right, but believe me, I’ve seen many territorial website designers hold their customers hostage using this malicious practice.  The only other alternative is to purchase another domain and start over, which again kills your existing rankings and past efforts.

The third recent client I had facing this issue was charged $500@!@@# to buy their own domain back.  It was an Asian restaurant that worked with a credit card company that built a horrible, non-mobile friendly site that ranked very poorly.  What were her options other than to pay them?  Don’t let this be you.

Next Steps to Register Your Domain or Transfer Ownership

It’s fine to use any host of your choice as long as you have Cpanel access (access to all of your files to the site).  What I mean is that I understand why you want a designer to host it for you on a good hosting platform to manage it, etc. The registration should be your biggest concern.  If you’re faced with this problem, increase site speed best website hosting companiessimply tell your current host of your intentions and get control of your domain at a minimum.

You will simply go to one of the hosting companies I mention, or choose your own based on good research, and request a domain transfer to them.  You will need an authorization code from the previous registrar, and the process takes 24-48 hours typically.

The hosting companies I mentioned in my article will usually do all the transfers for you for free, or in worst case scenario charge you $25-50 to do so.

Trust me, it’s worth it in the end.  If you’re on GoDaddy, Blue Host, Host Gator or one of the bigger hosting companies, it doesn’t always equate to better hosting service and site speed times.

I really like InMotion for handling these website transfers.  They have 24/7 customer service, and some of the fastest loading times out there.

Here are several more of the best hosting companies that will transfer your site and content for free. This is mission critical folks…Do this asap. Have a great week!

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