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How to Set Up a Google Plus Page & Claim Yelp Business Page

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Feb 03 2015

How to Set Up a Google Plus Page & Claim Yelp Business Page

SEO Tips for Google Plus and Yelp Business Pages

google plus, yelp business page, local business seoDo you own a small business or maybe even a home business without a website?  If so, this article will definitely help you get more inbound calls and traffic to your business on a local level.  I’ve owned a small business for almost 20 years and about 6 months ago I decided to start helping small businesses with their marketing both online and offline.

I started a marketing agency about 7 months ago that helps small businesses with their marketing efforts.  As part of my research on every first visit I run reports to check vital information that tell me how well they are established online.

What are The Most Important Things a Small Business Can to Improve Local SEO?

The most critical online elements for local SEO (search engine optimization) are as follows:

  1. How Many Local Business Directories are they Listed On?
  2. Is their Google Plus page set up and verified?
  3. How many Google Plus reviews do they have?
  4. Is their Yelp page claimed and verified?
  5. How many Yelp reviews do they have?
  6. Are both the Google Plus reviews and Yelp reviews positive or do they need work?

All of these things mentioned are the most important thing I can work on for a small business to help them get found online and I wanted to share a video with you to explain why they’re important, and how to fix those problems for your own business if you have one.  Here’s the video:

If you own a small business and you want to improve your local search engine optimization start by doing the things mentioned in the video.

  • Visit Moz.com/local to See How Your Business is Listed for Starters.  We perform much more comprehensive reports so contact us if you’re serious about ranking your business locally.
  • Set up a Gmail account if you don’t have one and verify your Google Plus page by going to Google Plus Create. local search engine optimization Follow the instructions for setting a storefront or service area to get listed on Google Maps.  THIS is the THE most important component of Local SEO, not Facebook.
  • Try to get more Google Plus reviews but make sure they aren’t spammy.  Google and Yelp monitor reviews and too many, too fast is a big red flag to them.
  • Go out to Yelp for Business Owners and Claim your Business Page there as well. They will call you and you’ll simply enter a code to claim your business.  Put in photos on both Yelp and Google Plus and post often to Google Plus when possible.  Name your photos with keywords people search for when looking for your business.  For example save them as auto repair birmingham al if you are a mechanic in Birmingham.
  • Again, try to get some reviews on Yelp but have friends keep them simple and not spammy.  Yelp won’t list them if they are too flowery.

I hope this tutorial helps you in your local search optimization.  Feel free to share it and like it if it added some value.  If you have any suggestions on what you’re doing that is working, please leave that in the comment section below as well.

If you need help with your business marketing we offer affordable programs that work every time.  You won’t have to spend a fortune and you can measure your results.  Give us a call at (205) 390-0005 for more information.  We have representatives in Birmingham AL, Houston TX, San Diego CA, Tampa FL and Knoxville TN.

I wish you all the best!



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