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Nov 11 2014

Free Business Listings w Videos

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360BusinessReviews.com is designed to help target local prospects simply looking for the services you offer in your local area, or nationally in some cases.  While we’re similar to Yelp, Foursquare, Google Plus, YP.com and other local business directories,  our goal is to provide our audience a more comprehensive listing and description about your local business.
Think “Yelp but with a Virtual Tour” or Video Commercial for each business.
If you don’t have a video commercial for your business, we highly recommend that you make one or let us help you for as low as $99 to help you tell the story of your business more effectively.  If you have a video commercial, simply post the link inside your description and we’ll publish it to your free listing.
We’ll be including free training for all of our subscribers showing you exactly how to dominate your local market for your primary niche and other services you may offer.  This will be a very helpful tool to attract new customers and employees for your business.
You can put up your own pictures, videos or any other content you would like to put up on this site.  Our strength is in online marketing and videobecome a cell phone dealer, open a cell phone store search engine optimization.  We have ranked multiple videos and websites on the front page of Google for hard to rank search terms,  so we’ll coach you on what to put on the listing.
If you will take a moment to claim your free listing, you will get new prospects to contact you!

What to Include in Your 360 Business Reviews Directory Listing:

  1. A Good Title – Include Your Business Name or Brand Name with City ie Tempo Wireless Knoxville TN,  Watkins Dry Cleaners Vestavia Hills, AL
  2. A Logo or Image for Your Listing – You can include your logo, or simply copy an image online and include that.  If you carry different phone brands or other products, feel free to add those images as well (a Search Optimization tip – Save your images like this solavei-wireless-knoxville-tn)  Put a hyphen in between each word.  The search engines will define this as being relevant.
  3. A Good Description of Your Business – Break up your sentences and make sure to include a decent description of who you are and what you actually do.  Tell your audience about your business, testimonials, success stories, etc.
  4. Address (City if Personal) and Phone Number – If you have a physical location, make sure to scroll down and include your street address.  If you’re working from home, simply put your city name is fine.  Either way, include your phone number so they can reach you.
  5. Include Your Website Link – Make sure to include your website link so they can make a purchase.  Enter it like this http://yourdomain.com  Make sure it has http:// in front of the domain so it will create a link.  Include your Facebook page, Twitter etc to get more online exposure to who you are (We Provide a comprehensive SEO Package for Directory Listings for as Low as $29 Per Month if You Need Help)
  6. Optional and Recommended – If you really want to boost your listing and your sales, make a local video for selling your service in the area and post it on Youtube.  Simply set up your Youtube channel and upload the video.  If you don’t have a camera or not comfortable making a video, we can make nice videos for as low as $149.

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