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Get More Reviews Online

How to Get More Reviews Online

Getting reviews online can dramatically help you improve your online sales, and local rankings for search engine optimization purposes.  If you get more reviews on google plus,get more reviews onlinedo a search for almost any good search term online, you’ll typically see that the top ranked listings usually have the most reviews online from sites such as Google Plus, Yelp, Facebook, City Search, Angie’s List and there are many other review sites that factor into local search rankings.

But How Do You Get More Reviews Online?

There are several ways to get more reviews online that I discuss in a recent video I created that helps explain up to 15 effective ways to get more reviews online for your business.  Take a look at the video down below, and read further for some information on a great service that can help you get more reviews for your business on those all important review sites.

To Get More Reviews Online It Helps to Have a Good System in Place

ReviewFlow is a online review software program that helps businesses, of any size, get more reviews online from the top review sites.  It’s basically an HTML “Badge” that you can embed on your website, Facebook, email accounts or any digital property you control that helps you get all of your review sites in one convenient place.

I’ve had clients direct customers to a “Review” page to use the tool, and also place on the front of their site as you can see with a live example down below.  (Feel Free to Leave a 5-Star Review!) 🙂

As you can see, the ReviewFlow badge is really simple to understand, and if you click on any of the links it takes a potential reviewer to your online listings at Google Plus, Yelp, YP.com, Angie’s List etc instantly.  Your customers have their favorite networks they like to use, and placing this tool in an easy to use format allows to easily login and leave a quick review for your business.

What is ReviewFlow and how does it work to get more online reviews?

ReviewFlow automates the identification & monitoring of online reviews on all major review sites & local directory websites.  This makes it infinitely easier to get more reviews online if used properly, and follow up with a response to all of your reviews from the same simple linking process.

It works by identifying a business listing on a number of leading review sites and local search/directory sites. It extracts the star rating & review content from these sites and presents this data in 1 concise report enabling the business owner or consultant to easily monitor the quantity & quality of their online reviews.

ReviewFlow runs off proprietary technology and uses a combination of APIs & scraped data depending on the site/directory accessed.

How Else Do We Help You Get More Reviews On Google Plus, Yelp & Facebook?

We create a custom designed template that you can hand to customers while they’re at your location that explains in detail how to give you a review, and we can include an incentive (if you’d like) to help increase the numbers of reviews.  It could be a Gift Card, free Pizza, whatever you’d like and though Yelp or Google doesn’t encourage this, it’s pretty tough to get consistent reviews otherwise. (Unless You’ve Got a Review System in Place)

Download a Free Copy of Our Review Form Here

Sample ReviewFlow Badge for Online Reviews 

Click on Any of the Links Below to See How the Badge Works 

Local SEO Services by 360 Business Reviews

How do you identify my listings on these online review sites?

get more online reviews,how to get more reviews onlineWe use a combination of your business name, zipcode (postal code), city name & phone number to identify your listing.

We try to be as exact as we can when identifying your listings and because of this we may not find listings which use a variation of your business name. So we advise you to enter your business name but remove any words such as ‘the’ ‘plc’ ‘llc’ ‘limited’ ‘&’ which may screw the searches we do.

How much does ReviewFlow cost?

These cost $19.99 per report which can be set to automatically update every week or month. This is extremely cheap compared to other review tracker services; see table below for comparable costs of other review services.  We also offer this for free with all of our Local SEO Service clients.

How We Stack Up With Other Review Management Software Programs:

ServiceCost per LocationSee Pricing
360 Business Reviews$19.99 
Review Trackers$29http://www.reviewtrackers.com/pricing/

get more restaurant reviews


Can I respond to reviews using ReviewFlow?

ReviewFlow enables you to check all new reviews at a glance, from there you can follow the link provided in your report and reply to each specific review.

Obviously you have to leave the dashboard to reply to the reviews so you can log in to the specific review site, you can’t respond from within ReviewFlow itself but it makes the process a lot quicker and easier.

Can I see my review count and rating in charts?

Yes you can. We preset reviews in a number of chart forms to show reviews ‘By Date’ and ‘By Star Rating’.

Can I get a copy of the report of my online reviews emailed to me?

Yes you can; you can provide up to 5 email addresses for us to send report updates to, this option is in the report settings.

You can set reviews in a number of chart forms to show reviews ‘By Date’ and ‘By Star Rating’.

How Do You Order ReviewFlow Online Review Management Software?

online review software,review flow badge

Order ReviewFlow, Your Free Badge and Custom Handout Here!

One thing we offer for our local SEO clients is the Review Badge if they want to use the Review Biz Badge, and your first month of the ReviewFlow service for $49.99 Setup, and only $19.99 per report after that.  You can choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports so please let us know upon placing your order.

You can fill out our contact form to request the service, call us at (205) 390-0005, or you can order the review management software here online for $49.99 Setup, and $19.99 per month.  We will contact you for more details upon placing your order.

Thanks for taking a look at ReviewFlow, and I wish you all the best in getting more reviews online for you business!  Let us know if you have any questions or comments down below

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