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Best Small Business Digital Customer Rewards Program

Created by Small Business Owners with Their Success and Budgets in Mind

Small business owners today are finding it harder than ever to stand out from their competition. Sales might be pretty decent…but could they use more?

They’re Actively Looking for Help, and frustrated with marketing programs that don’t work or Groupon type offers that harm more than they help.

360 Business Reviews has created THE Perfect Digital Customer Rewards Program for ANY Small to Medium Size Retail Business using our digital loyalty/online marketing platform over at 360LocalOffers.com.

With No Contracts…Gimmicks or Gotchas

We’ve created a simple way to reward your existing loyal customers, AND attract new prospects quickly…and affordably.

We help you design and create your own custom, digital customer rewards program/marketing solution that helps grow your business immediately.  All managed online, for your business, securely in the cloud.

digital customer loyalty program

Our Digital Customer Rewards Program and Marketing System Offers the Following:

  • A Turn Key Tablet-Based Digital Customer Rewards Program
  • Online Discount Offers to Attract New Customers – Electronic Gift Cards Available
  • Complete Social Media Integration to Facebook, Google Plus or Any Network
  • Free Email Marketing, SMS Marketing Available, & Much More
  • Since it’s web based, our system works on all smart devices or computers.

small business digital customer rewards program

How Do You Get Started with Our Digital Customer Loyalty Program?

The first thing we do is personally setup your custom loyalty program in our online portal.  It allows check-ins thru tablets on a countertop, smart phones or with a pin code for sit down establishments.

And we track EVERYTHING you need to manage your rewards program electronically.

Again, our system works on any tablet, computer or smart device.

Our customer rewards program captures emails, phone numbers, tracks check-ins, manage customer rewards points, and it can even offer points for customers that share your offers & promotions through their social media networks.

Our Online Discount Offers work like this.

Let’s say a customer goes out to search for a local business.  They run across one of our sites, see your directory ad WE place FOR you, and want to learn more.

We work with you beforehand to create a special promotion to attract NEW customers to your business.  The customer decides they want the offer, claim it with an email optin that goes into your database, and then redeem the offer at your location with your own unique pin based code.

It’s that simple.  Think of Us Like a Groupon Site, only YOU get to keep all the money, NOT Groupon!

Our Digital Customer Rewards Program Integrates with Social Media

When it comes to social media integration, having emails & phone numbers from loyal customers can dramatically improve likes, shares and follows on your favorite social networks.  All You have to do is to effectively ask for them, or we can for you, in an email or text message.

You can easily follow up to promote new products, promotions, videos or simply just to stay top of mind once a month to your customer base.

It will be infinitely easier to get more reviews online from Facebook, Google Plus or Yelp, because you can now communicate electronically with your raving fans.

customer rewards program,social media integration
sms messages to customer loyalty subscribers

How Does Our Customer Rewards Program Handle Email Marketing and SMS?

When it comes to email and text marketing, it CAN (subtle) become complicated or time consuming for some people.  We offer packages that will handle those messages professionally for you, something that most loyalty companies simply won’t do.  We’ll tailor a package using our system to get you exactly what your business needs.

In today’s mobile world, we’ll help YOU get in the game!

What Comes with Our Digital Customer Loyalty Program and System?

You’ll have your own online, custom rewards/promotional program to use online or offline to promote your business.

Our system is simple to use, with personal training and video tutorials available.  We can have your marketing system ready to use in less than two hours upon our initial phone interview.

Unlike most loyalty programs, we don’t do contracts to hold you hostage and YOUR contacts are YOURS to KEEP!

You’ll have the ability to offer Birthday and Anniversary specials to our entire network of subscribers, and solo ads will be available in the future to feature a limited number of businesses

Those offers, AND our entire system, runs on autopilot once it’s setup!

Start-Up with iPad Mini $299

ipad customer rewards program

Start-Up with Samsung Tab 4 $199

tablet customer loyalty program

Why Choose Our Customer Loyalty Program Over Others?

It’s Fast.  It’s Easy and customers LOVE getting rewarded for being a loyal fan.

As small business owners ourselves, we’re committed to offering affordable marketing solutions for small businesses that work!

We can help you offer online gift cards.  We have a reservations app through the system that sends a text when a table is ready, or a hair appointment is due.

We offer other online marketing services that truly make a difference, every single time, and we can prove our results.

With our system in place as prescribed, you should see an immediate increase in your company’s sales and customer satisfaction.

Our lowest priced package is an incredible value for only $39 a month.

You’ll be able to immediately, and effectively engage your customers…as often as you’d like.

We offer full training & support to teach you how to maximize our revolutionary system.

There’s no complicated apps for the customer, and all you need is a tablet, computer or smart device to get started.  We offer countertop tablet holders & locks, refurbished iPads or quality tablets at a discount, with warranties, and they’re yours to keep.

Keep in mind, we’re not in the tablet business.  We’re in the putting money in your pocket business!

How Much is Our Customer Rewards/Marketing System?

We have three packages available depending on your business goals.  All of them are designed to build on the valuable relationships you already have, and increase sales by attracting new customers to YOUR business, instead of your competitors.

So are you ready for more sales and more profit in YOUR business?

Isn’t it about time you got a break from the hype and false promises from the majority of the advertising companies with programs that simply don’t work?

Our digital marketing platform was built with the small business owner in mind, to help you achieve INSTANT results and positive feedback.

Contact us today for more information, or you can order our customer rewards program online at either our main corporate site 360BusinessReviews.com, OR our loyalty platform site 360LocalOffers.com.

digital customer rewards program,digital loyalty programs
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