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We know first hand how frustrating it can be to trust your marketing partner to actually do what they say they’re going to do.  The digital marketing industry is small business marketing consultants,local seo servicesfilled with agencies that promise a lot, though in reality they deliver very little in regards to improving your bottom line.  Here are a few key areas where we differ from some of the other marketing agencies or design firms in the marketplace:

  • We Rarely Do Long Term Contracts – Only in the Event We Are Helping Finance a Large Project Do We Ask for a Long Term Commitment
  • We Try to Utilize What You Already Have in Place – If you don’t need a brand new website or video, why purchase one?  However, if it needs an update we can refresh the look of your site or Social Media at a fraction of the cost of a new buildout.
  • We Offer Training & Tutorials for Our Clients – We Aren’t Trying to Be All Things to All Clients.  We recommend using some of our core marketing services (Because they’re pretty difficult to navigate), and we offer tutorials that teach you to handle the simple things if at all possible.
  • We Focus On Your Core Marketing Needs – We want to help you focus on the fundamentals of your marketing, and keep your budget manageable, yet highly effective.  We have extremely affordable small business marketing programs that get results immediately.

We want to keep an open dialogue with our clients to uncover what is working for you currently, and make suggestions for improvement in your online and offline sales with our digital marketing services.  If something doesn’t work for your business, however, we want to stay engaged with you to get better results, and get maximum returns on your marketing budget.

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