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Your Small Business Marketing Consultant

As a small business marketing consultant, basically we do everything you need when developing and implementing your marketing plan, choosing your channels, developing your online digital assets and sharing your small business marketing consultantmessage with the right audience.

We like to think of ourselves more as your business partner than to dwell in a salesy type relationship. We love the process of gettting results with both online marketing and traditional offline marketing.  We “get” that you need more than just advice, you need a small business marketing consultant that actually creates the marketing strategies you need, implements the strategy, and monitors the process so you can see the results your small business needs!

Small Business Internet Marketing Consulting – Local SEO Services

Internet Marketing is all about getting found on the web in multiple places, with multiple hooks to bring in prospects and customers. We are experts in affordable small business seo servicesthe Top relevant categories needed for a successful internet marketing campaign that work together to get you found by people searching for your types of business online. Then we use various approaches to turn those people into paying customers.

Some of the tools we use are:
Website Creation
Video Production & Video Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Management
Online Paid Ads (PPC Management)
Shared Direct Mail Campaigns in Birmingham AL
Online Directory Listings Submissions

We manage multiple local business directory sites such as 360LocalOffers.com that help our clients immediately get traction in the marketplace.

discount sites for local businesses

We List Clients On Our Own High PR Sites with Video Embeds, Backlinks, and Beautiful Listings!

Offer Clickable Discounts to Attract New Clients that Capture Valuable Email Data
Email Marketing & SMS Marketing
Digital Loyalty Programs with Tablets (Customer Rewards Check-in System)

Traditional Offline Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing involves a clear understanding of your brand and your message to the public. It is more than the simple communication of who you are and what your service or product is. Marketing encompasses reputation management for small businesseseverything about your contact with your customer, from the moment they are introduced to your company, to every contact they have with your employees.

As Your Small Business Marketing Consultant we can assist with include:
Corporate Identity & Logo
Message Creation for Digital Properties
Online Reputation Management

Multiple Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

A good marketing strategy typically involves using a variety of advertising channels, with a clear understanding of the purpose for each.

At 360 Business Reviews we look at advertising channels as our tools in a free local business directory listingstoolbox. We want to make sure that we evaluate all the available tools and choose the best tools for your business.
Video/Commercial Production
Direct Marketing
Graphic Design for Branding Purposes

Being your Small Business Marketing Consultant is at the heart of everything we do here at 360 Business Reviews. We are hyper focused on helping our clients businesses dominate their local or National Markets. We offer our consulting services as needed to assist in that success. Our consulting services include:
Business/Organization Development
Business Promotion Strategy
Marketing & Business Plans

Marketing for Small Businesses is a Science – We Got This!

One great aspect of partnering with 360 Business Reviews as your small business marketing consultant is we don’t expect you to do it all nor do we assume that we know everything about your business.

As your marketing consultant we’d love to partner with you to help you choose the right marketing services that are a good fit for your small business.

Think of us as your sounding board for items, a shopping companion that seo companies for small businesseswill help you select the right vehicles to actually make a difference in your bottom line.

We are absolutely positive we can make a difference for your brand and your business within days or weeks, not months or years. So much so that we don’t have to resort to long-term contracts to keep our clients. We Get Massive Results! Period.

360 Business Reviews…We Get Your Business, Everywhere, All the Time!

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